Sophia Chambers

Sophia Chambers is a former student of Vantage Pointe. She has trained at studios such as Dance Universe, Dance Unlimited, Sean’s Dance Factory, and Dance Town. She also is a student at Dreyfoos School of the Arts and a company member of Noeah Jacobs’ “Hoodlums” and Kenneth Fowler’s “Loud Live Productions”. You may have seen her as Subject 017 in Loud Live’s show “Moto” or Elenor in Loud Live’s show “Palm Beach Nights.” She has appeared as a backup dancer for an upcoming artist named Taylor Castro during Y100’s Jingle Ball in 2019, along with choreographing for her music video called “Coffee Eyes”. Sophia has also been named an Intrigue Apprentice and an Intrigue True Performer during the past couple of years. She won the female title award for National Miss Teen Leap in 2018, as well as multiple wins at Radix, Nuvo, and 24Seven. Sophia was chosen out of dancers all over the country to attend Talía Favia’s “Chapters” workshop in Chicago and The Art of Movement Intensive in Orlando, where she was chosen to be a hybrid assistant.