Lynette Selk 

Lyn grew up in New Jersey and trained at her mother’s dance studio.  She relocated to Florida in 2010.  Lyn is proficient in all studies of dance and applies her expertise on training dancers as athletes with a focus on turns.  She wants her students to understand the mechanics of their body, improve their strength, use their muscles correctly and understand how they work together to create a strong dancer.  Lyn is committed to educating herself so that she is better able to educate her students.  She continues to attend workshops, conventions, and intensives in order to stay in tune with the current trends and changes within the dance world.  She continues to learn techniques to create unique and evolving classes.  Her top priority is to reach the next generation through shared love for the art of dance. Lyn studied with such greats as Jacke Sleight, Mia Michaels, Gus Giordano, Joe Tremaine and Frank Hatchett.  She has received training in NYC at Broadway Dance Center and Steps as well as in LA at Millenium and The Edge.  She is a member of Dance Educators and Dance Masters of America and the American Academy of Ballet.